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Black Swan Consulting (BSC) is a law firm that provides high-quality legal services and offers solutions based on all circumstances and risks. Our specialists are qualified lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of law. BSC was founded in 2019 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and brought together lawyers and other consultants. Our mission is to go beyond the usual understanding of consulting, ensuring access and quality services to everyone, creating a product that covers and goes beyond the requirements of customers.

Why BSC?

Risk management. Risk management in any service we provide.

Professionalism. BSC appreciates clients' trust and bears full responsibility for services, prioritizing professionalism as an essential work ethic of the company.

Efficiency. We do our best to deliver high-quality services in tight schedules without compromising the quality of the final product.

Practical solution to challenges. Our goal is to provide services and consultation that work both in theory and practice.

Individual approach. We examine the business-models, interests, market, and needs of our clients thoroughly.

Analytical approach to set tasks. We approach our objectives carefully and analytically.

Flexibility. Flexible approach to pricing. We optimize the costs of our customer service as much as possible.

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Amir Akhmedov

Managing partner


Amir Akhmedov

Specialization: Commercial law, Corporate law, M&A, Compliance, International arbitration, IT law, Intellectual property,Banking&Finance, Antitrust&Competition, Environmental law, Mediation.


Sokhibkamol Saliev

Senior Associate
Specialization: Corporate law, Compliance, Commercial law, Intellectual property, IT law


Camilla Abdullaeva

Specialization: Corporate law, Commercial law, Intellectual property, Labor law, Antitrust&Competition


Natella Babayan


Jahongir Rejapov

Specialization: Corporate law, Compliance, Public-private partnership, Energy law, Intellectual property, Labor law, Environmental law, Banking&Finance .


Sergey Simikin

Specialization: Corporate law, Compliance, Commercial law, Labor law, Tax law, IT law, Mediation


Anastacia Domnikova

Of counsel
Specialization: Commercial law, Corporate law, Antirust&Competition, Tax law, Compliance, Intellectual property

Dalius Barkauskas

Business development director
What we did in 2019:

By industry:

  • 19% IT & Telecommunictions
  • 19% Public sector consulting
  • 15% Banking, Finance
  • 14% Agriculture
  • 14% Construction
  • 8%   Tourism
  • 6%   Pharmaceutical production
  • 5%   Show business

By services:

  • 20% Contracts
  • 20% Analytics
  • 16% Corporate
  • 10% Litigation
  • 10% Compliance
  • 10% Intellectual property
  • 9%   Transaction support  
  • 5%   HR management

Our practices & services:

What we did in 2020:

By industry:

  • 29% IT & Telecommunictions
  • 19% IGO’s
  • 15% Agriculture
  • 14% Engineering
  • 20% Pharmaceutical production
  • 10%  Logistics


By services:

  • 10% Compliance
  • 15% Licensing, Registration
  • 25% Advisory
  • 25% Litigation
  • 15%  Corporate
  • 10% Transactions  


Compliance  is a system for countering threats and risk management that ensures compliance of an organization’s activities with legal req…

Corporate Services

Corporate law is a set of legal norms regulating the legal status, procedure of activity and establishment of business companies and partnerships.

IT & Telecommunications

BSC provides legal support to IT clients (start-ups, software developers, distributors, online stores, FinTech, etc.) on various issues, including…


The business environment in Uzbekistan has a number of specific features. This applies to the field of antitrust and competition law…

Intellectual Property

We support our clients in such areas as copyright and related rights, patent law, legal relations arising from civil law contracts in the field of IP…

Labor & HR management

Relationships between employees and the employer arising in the process of their direct participation in labor are regulated by Labor Law…


Construction is very  fast developing industry today. However, it’s worth noting that entrepreneurs engaged in construction are faced…

Show business

Show business includes not only the music stage, but many other activities that are close to it in terms of functionality: the film industry, sport events…


Nowadays, it’s not so simple to run business without being involved into lawsuit. Sometimes when all other options are over it seems the only legit way…


We offer professional assistance in banking and finance sector. Our practice bases not only on theoretical side, but also involves current practice…             

Full legal support

Every company since its creation enters into legal relations with other business entities, banks, etc. It is necessary to have an experienced and reliable guide..


Our team has an extensive experience in commercial law. As our clients you can be sure that we will fully accompany you starting from negotiations till bank transaction…

Corporate Investigations

 This service is used to identify facts and attempts of theft, leakage of confidential information, collusion and other forms of violation of corporate…


Our law firm has extensive experience in advising of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. We offer a wide range of services…

Corporate psychologist

Corporate psychologists are key figures who are able to raise the corporate spirit, increase the efficiency of employees, properly motivate…


Specialized trainings

BSC can orgnise specialized training of your staff in various fields of law, PR and etc. Sometimes specialized training of staff is a …

What people say about us


Ternovoy, Artist, Blackstar Label (Russia)

"Undoubtedly, BSC  team are masters of their craft."

Arutyun Nazaryan, CEO Bistox Exchange (Estonia)

"Highly qualified lawyers who understand modern information technologies and details of business processes"

Komil Abidov, Deputy Director, CASC JV LLC. (USA/Uzbekistan)

"We turned to BSC with big scope of litigation and corporate legal work. Everything was qualitatively resolved in a short period of time"

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