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“Black Swan” is a theory that considers rare and hardly predictable events that have tremendous consequences both on all mankind and on the lives of individuals. Black swans can be large scale in the global sense (invention of the Internet, 9/11, global economic crisis) and smaller scale comprised in personal matters (loss of loved ones, bankruptcy, fraud). After the events happen, people usually have a rationalistic explanation, as if they were expected. The world is full of black swans.


Nobody knows how to predict Black Swans. However, we can state that Black Swans such as 9/11, global economic crisis, tragedy of Fukushima, terrorist attacks in Paris, etc. occurred due to lack of imagination and the fragility of the system built by people. Having adopted the views of ancient and modern philosophers (from Seneca to Nassim Taleb), lawyers, economists and psychologists, having formulated our own principles, ideas and views, we created the company “BSC (Black Swan Consulting)”, which goes beyond a simple understanding of consulting.


Amir Akhmedov


Specialization: commercial law, corporate law, M&A, compliance, AML,
international arbitration,
IT law, intellectual property, environmental law, mediation, non-verbal psychology, polygraph work.

Jahongir Rezhapov


Specialization: commercial law, corporate law, compliance, public-private partnership, energy law, intellectual property.

Alisher Akmalov

of counsel

Specialization: corporate law, antitrust law, compliance, intellectual property, tax law, sports law, customs law, mediation.

Sokhibkamol Saliev

Senior Associate

Specialization:Corporate law, Compliance, Commercial law, Intellectual property, Contract law, IT law.

Sergey Simikin

Commercial Director

Sabina Selyamieva

PR specialist

Natella Babayan


Izvolskaya Nadejda

Financial Consultant

Our principles:

Individual approach

We approach each client individually fully examining all sides of the case. We treat each matter of our clients in a creative and unique way.


We make every effort to provide high quality services in the shortest possible time.

Risk analysis

We notice risks even when they are hiding in imaginary stability.


Aware of the responsibility to our customers, we strive to provide quality services for our clients.


Providing the highest quality services possible will remain the key principle of BSC.

Ethics and Privacy

BSC has highest standards of ethics and data privacy. We guarantee absolute discretion to our clients and complete data protection of their materials.

Cost efficiency

BSC максимально оптимизирует затраты клиентов на свои услуги. Мы принципиально против завышенных и «непрозрачных» счетов.

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